Spider Web of Fifths

This is a tool I created called the Spider Web of Fifths. It’s like the Circle of Fifths on steroids, showing not just major and minor keys but all seven diatonic modes in every key signature:

Performances of My Music

Occasionally, when searching the web, I find videos of choirs from around the world singing my music. Here are a couple of them…

First, this is a choir from the Maribor Conservatory in Maribor, Slovenia, singing my arrangement of the African American spiritual “I’m Gonna Sing.” The choir is directed by Jasmina Dobaj and accompanied on piano by Otmar Plavcak:

Second, here is the Hosanna Choir from Full Gospel Holy Light Church in Lakewood, Washington, singing my arrangement of the African American Spiritual “I Want to Be Ready” (in Korean!):