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 Click here to download this Attendance Policy in PDF format.
Print it, sign it, date it, and bring it to your first lesson.

I teach lessons Monday through Thursday year round except for the following:

  • Spring Break (usually around the third week of March)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • One week in the summer (usually in August)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday (Fourth Thursday in November and the following Friday)
  • The week between and including Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st)


Please arrive at your lesson exactly on time. Since I schedule back-to-back lessons, It is not possible for you to come earlier than your scheduled lesson time as you would be interrupting the previous student’s lesson. Likewise, you cannot arrive late to your lesson and expect to get the full amount of time as there may be another student who comes directly after you.

          If you cannot avoid being late to your lesson, notify me promptly by phone, email or text. If you haven’t arrived within the first ten minutes of your lesson, I will assume that you are not coming and may use the remainder of your lesson time to run some errands—so do let me know if you’re running late, otherwise I may not be there when you finally arrive.


If you pay the Single-Lesson Rate ($30 for a 30-minute lesson), you don't have to worry about missed lessons because you will pay only for the lessons that you attend at the time of the lesson.

          However, if you choose the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition or Multiple-Month Tuition plans, I approach things in a more proactive way—by giving you free lessons.

          For example, with the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition plan for weekly 30-minute lessons, you pay $90.00 for three lessons at the beginning of each month; and, since most months have four lesson days, your fourth lesson is free. When there are five lesson days in a month, you get two free lessons. And when there are three lesson days in a month due to scheduled holidays/breaks (listed at the top of this page), then you get exactly what you paid for: three lessons.

          If you do have to miss a lesson once in a while, then you'll forfeit one of your free lessons. But if you miss a lot of lessons, you may end up with few or no free lessons—it's completely up to you and your attendance.

          Do try to attend all of your scheduled lessons, however, because I will not refund the cost of any missed lessons—even if you miss more than your alloted free ones (see the TUITION / PAYMENT POLICY PAGE). Neither will I deduct missed lessons from future tuition payments nor apply the tuition payment from one month to a later month.

          Students who miss an excessive number of lessons on a regular basis will have their lessons terminated.


If you know in advance that you will have to miss a lesson, you may reschedule it to another day/time as long as you can: 1) Reschedule it to a day/time before the date of your next lesson, and 2) Reschedule it to one of the available timeslots on my TEACHING SCHEDULE.

          Alternatively, if you know in advance that you must miss several lessons in a month and it is not possible for you to reschedule them, you can choose to pay only for the lessons you'll attend at the Single-Lesson Rate (see the TUITION / PAYMENT POLICY for more info on this).


You may terminate your lessons at any time, though I do prefer you show me the courtesy of letting me know at least a couple of weeks in advance so that I may have adequate time to fill your vacant time slot. However, you must let me know that you are ending your lessons, even if it's at the time of your last lesson. If you simply stop coming to your scheduled lessons without notifying me of your decision to quit, I will bill you for the lessons you were expected to attend. No refunds will be given for lessons terminated before the end of your tuition payment period.