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This book represents several years of genealogy research on the NEAVEILL family. It is over 200 pages and is fully indexed with over 2500 names. I have made it available here free of charge to assist any Neaveill descendants who want to learn more about their family:

Click here to download The Neaveill Family genealogy book in PDF format.

This file is in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to view it. Also, this file is quite large (about 7MB) so if you don't have a high-speed internet connection, it may take some time to download.

If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of this book, email me at Ryan D. Neaveill.


Thanks to the many cousins and friends who have contributed data to this project. This collection of genealogical data would be much smaller without the help and generosity of the following people:

John Asbury
Earl & Alice Bankston
Tom Bennett
Christy (Simpson) Barr
Betty (Butler) Beeson
Linda Bohner
Jean Ann Briggs
Robert Keith Clark
Linda Dennis
Dianne (Wilson) Flynn
Wanda Gaffke
Steve Green

Margaret (Hickey) Heskett
Judith (Neavill) Hyde
Fran (Neaveill) Johnson
Eric Lofgren
Barbara (Elliot) McNamer
Ervin & Kathy Neaveill
David Neaveill
Greg Neaveill
Denise (Neaveill) Windsor
Rod Neaveill
Bill Neavill
Leonard Dale Neaville

Tony Neaville
Wayne L. Olsen
Diane (Neaville) Oskins
Shirley (Ward) Rakers
Janet Neavill Primm
Judy (Simpson) Saylor
Mike Smith
Mary Nell Turner
Rita (Venters) Woods
Jean Neavill Warren
Gloria Neavill Yockey

My humble apologies if Iíve left anyone out. Also, my apologies for any errors that may be found in this information. Special thanks to my wife, Jodi, who has patiently endured my obsession with genealogy and who has graciously accompanied me on many trips to old cemeteries, libraries, reunions, and wherever else the trail has led.

Ryan D. Neaveill
Champaign, Illinois
March 2004