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 Click here to download this Tuition / Payment Policy in PDF format.
Print it, sign it, date it, and bring it to your first lesson.


  • Various tuition plan options
  • Tuition can be conveniently paid online: CLICK HERE TO PAY
  • No extra charges for books/music (I provide all the lesson materials for free)
  • No registration fees
  • No six- or twelve-month contracts (you can quit any time)

I offer three ways for students to pay for their lessons:

  • Single-Lesson Rate
  • Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition
  • Multiple Month Tuition

Each of these plans offers students an opportunity to save money. Read more about these plans below to see which one is right for you. If you'd like to see a table that compares each plan's average cost per 30-minute lesson, CLICK HERE.


If you want to pay for just a single lesson then the tuition for a 30-minute lesson is $30.00 and a 60-minute lesson is $60.00. Payment is due before or at the time of the lesson.


Buy Three, Get One (Or Two) Free!

With this plan, students pay for only three weeks of lessons in a month and they get the remaining weeks for free! In most months you will get one free lesson and in some months you will even get two free lessons (when there are five lesson days in the month). And once in a while there will be months with exactly three lessons (due to holidays or breaks), so you won't get a free lesson in these months; but, over the course of a whole year, you will receive approximately 12 free lessons!


Payments for the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition Plan are due on or before the first day of each calendar month and covers all weekly lessons from the first day through the last day of the month.

The Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition Plans are as follows:

  • For Weekly 30-Minute Lessons: $90.00/month
  • For Weekly 60-Minute Lessons: $170.00/month

Sixty-minute lessons can be split among areas of study (for example if you take a 30-minute piano lesson and a 30-minute voice lesson). It can also be split among family members (for example if your daughter takes a 30-minute piano lesson and your son takes a 30-minute guitar lesson).

Early Bird Cash Discount

If you pay the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition by cash, check, Venmo or Zelle (no PayPal/credit card payments) and BEFORE the 1st day of the month (for example, at your last lesson of the previous month), you can save even more off of the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition Plan. This discount is available ONLY for The Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition and not for Single Lesson Tuition or Multiple Month Tuition (which is already a discounted rate). Checks should be made payable to Ryan Neaveill.

The Early Bird Cash Discount rates are as follows:

  • For Weekly 30-Minute Lessons: $88.00/month
  • For Weekly 60-Minute Lessons: $165.00/month


You can also save a little more off of the Monthly Flat-Rate Tuition by prepaying for multiple months:

The tuition for multiple months of weekly 30-minute lessons is:

  • Three Months: $260.00
  • Six Months: $510.00

The tuition for multiple months of weekly 60-minute lessons is:

  • Three Months $500.00
  • Six Months: $990.00


Tuition is due on or before the 1st day of each month; however, a grace period is granted until the 7th day of the month. If you forget or are unable to pay by the 7th of the month, then $5.00 will be added for each week your payment is late. Late payments of more than two weeks will result in the termination of your lessons.


I will not reimburse you for missed lessons. Neither will I deduct missed lessons from future tuition payments nor apply the tuition payment from one month to a later month. You may, however, reschedule a lesson that you need to miss to another day/time as long as you can: 1) Reschedule it to a day/time before the date of your next lesson, and 2) Reschedule it to one of the available timeslots on my Teaching Schedule.