I am located in Stonegate Village on the west side of Champaign (just south-east of Kaufman Lake, and north-west of Centennial High School). The address is 2403 W. Springfield Ave., Building X, Unit 4. To see the location in Google Maps, click here.

Even though my address is Springfield Avenue, Building X is actually off of Kenwood Road (approximately 500 feet south of the Springfield-Kenwood intersection). The building sits at a 45 degree angle to Kenwood Road and is marked with an X (literally! X marks the spot!).

Parking is available on both the North and South sides of my building, though the South side is the better choice as it is larger and closer to my side of the building.

If you ride the bus, then you are in luck as there is a Champaign MTD bus stop (the 5W Green Route) near the parking lot on the North side of my building.

There is also a bicycle rack in the courtyard on the west side of my building if you are a cyclist and need a place to secure your bike.

When you get to my door, there is a buzz-in security system, so just push the button for X4 and I will buzz you in!