By teaching lessons out of my own private studio, I can offer rates considerably more affordable than you will find at other music schools and stores in Champaign-Urbana. Not only is my tuition the lowest of any local music teacher, but I provide all the music for my lessons at no additional charge to you. Most other teachers will charge you extra for the lesson materials. Also, I do not have any hidden or extra charges such as “registration fees” that many music “schools” or “academies” usually add on to their tuition bills. Neither do I make you sign a contract binding you to an extended period—you can terminate your lessons at any time.


  • Tuition is only $88 per month (with the Monthly Tuition Discount—see below)
  • Tuition can be conveniently paid online: CLICK HERE TO PAY
  • No extra charges for books/music (I provide all the lesson materials for free)
  • No registration fees
  • No six- or twelve-month contracts (you can quit any time)


From time to time I will accept students who, for whatever reason, may wish to pay for only a single lesson at a time. If you wish to pay as you go, then the tuition for a single lesson is $30 per 30-minute lesson or $60 per hour lesson. Please note that if you choose this option I cannot guarantee that you will get the same lesson day/time each week. I reserve regular lesson times for the students who have the discipline and commitment to attend and pay for their lessons over regular and consistent lengths of time and who understand that you cannot become a good musician by taking one or two lessons here and there and practicing sporadically!


Most students choose to pay for their lessons on a monthly basis, taking advantage of the Monthly Tuition Discount which saves them an average of $32 per month. Monthly tuition is only $88 per month (an average of $22 per 30-minute lesson compared with $30 at the Single-Lesson Rate) and is due on or before the first lesson day of the month. This is for a 30-minute lesson each week.

Please note that the number of lessons you receive each month will vary since some months will have five lesson days instead of four (this happens at least four times per year for each day of the week). These “extra” lessons are balanced by the weeks when there are no lessons, for example due to holidays and breaks (see the ATTENDANCE page). But your monthly tuition never changes so you will always know exactly how much is due each month (and $88 is easy to remember because there are 88 keys on a piano!). Over the course of a year, assuming you have not had to miss any normally scheduled lessons, you will have received at least 48 lessons or approximately four lessons per month.

By paying monthly, you also receive a major tuition discount when compared with the single-lesson payment plan. For example, if you pay the $30 single-lesson payment each week for 48 weeks, your total tuition paid at the end of the year is $1,560. But by paying in twelve equal $88 monthly payments, you will have paid only $1,056 for the whole year–a savings of $504. This discount is equal to nearly 17 free lessons! However, you must attend your lessons faithfully to sustain this discount. I will not reimburse you for missed lessons! This incentive is to encourage and reward students for regular attendance which, when combined with regular practice, is very important if you wish to become a better musician. And although I cannot reimburse you for missed lessons, I do make every effort to allow you to make up missed lessons (see the ATTENDANCE page).


You can also receive an additional discount by taking more than a 30-minute lesson each week. For example, tuition for a 60-minute lesson each week is $160 per month compared with $176 ($88 x 2) at the Monthly Discounted 30-minute tuition rate. And lessons longer than 30 minutes can be split among areas of study. For example, a 60-minute lesson can be divided into 30 minutes of voice and 30 minutes of piano. In addition, lessons longer than 30 minutes can also be split between family members; for example, a 60-minute lesson could be split into a 30-minute lesson for your son and a 30-minute lesson for your daughter.


Tuition is due on or before your first lesson day of the month. If you need to miss the first lesson of the month, you have the option of paying your tuition online (see below) or making other arrangements to make sure it is paid on time (such as paying at the last lesson of the previous month). Tuition not paid by the first lesson of the month will revert to the Single-Lesson Payment Plan (see below) for each week the tuition is late. For example, if you’re supposed to pay the $88 monthly tuition for weekly 30-minute lessons but don’t pay until the third lesson of the month, then you will be charged $60 ($30 per lesson) for the first two lessons plus $44 (your pro-rated normal rate) for the two remaining lessons for a total of $104 instead of $88 for the month.

I accept cash, checks or I can also process your credit or debit card. Please make checks payable to Ryan Neaveill.


You can conveniently pay your tuition online, by CLICKING HERE. Or, if I have an email address on file for you, I will send an electronic invoice via Paypal providing the opportunity and convenience of paying your tuition online and securely using any debit or credit card (or a PayPal account if you have one). Of course, paying online is not required—you can always choose to pay by check, or credit/debit card at your lesson. I do prefer though that tuition be paid online so that we don’t have to use your lesson time to process your payment!